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Frank and his “concubine”

I was born a German who became a Canadian and now wants to become an Indian. I am 76 years old and have spent the last 40 years in India. Among my minor accomplishments was the translation of the New Testament of the Bible into a tribal language, Mawchi, in Western India. The second one is the establishment of two homes for poor children; one for boys on an 17.5 acre piece of land at the edge of Nagpur, a city in central India, that now houses, feeds and educates 600-650 boys – all from the poorer section of society and a home for girls some 650 km west of Nagpur at a place called Manjari, near the city of Dhulia. It houses, educates and feeds some 530 mainly tribal girls.

Another minor accomplishment predating the ones in the paragraph above is a cycle trip from Germany to Pakistan; from there after working for six months as a carpenter, by boat to India and returned back to Germany via any transport possible, as the cycle had become scrap on two wheels.

For those who thrive on adventures, a journey by car from Germany to New Delhi in January 1976 – which 3 weeks – with three friends might be of interest.

My last accomplishment so far is the writing of my autobiography and anthology consisting of more than 100 letters written over the past 40 years. Both are available on Amazon.com as both e-books and paperbacks.

For a carpenter with a grade 8 education and a five-year term of Bible College these are no mean achievements.

The turning point in my life came when November 1964 I became a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ which turned my life right side up. It was then that the greatest adventures started and I went in search to find God. The sought one seeks the Seeker and spends the rest of his life seeking, through deeds great or small, to apprehend Him who apprehended him. Through great joy or sadness, through happiness or pain, he or she begins to see the Invisible and, through the eyes of faith, a world of wonder and joy. We begin to see the real world, where walking on water is a reality. We are able to see that those who are for us outnumber those who are against us. We begin to see where the Power that subdues giants really lies. God breaks down city walls and makes it possible for the unhesitating foot to step into the river and the waters to part.

Unlike the recluse who hides himself in a cave to commune with God, I choose to live among the multitudes for that same purpose. “What you did to the least of these my brethren” has no meaning to the recluse as he doesn’t think Jesus has any brethren, apart from himself. But as for me:

I wanted to commune with God;

I went upon the highest steeple.

God said to me, “Go down again.

I live among the people.”

So I set out on this quest, in keeping with my nature—ill-informed, ill-prepared, and ill-equipped.

Many of the blogs will be about my spiritual adventures.

Frank M. Juelich

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