Saint or Aint?

“The letters to the Saints and Aints” defines my worldview: You are either a Saint belonging to the Lord Jesus Christ or you are an Aint which means not belonging to Him; the fence belongs to the devil. Saint is a Christian term meaning belonging to God. to the Lord Jesus Christ and does not denote somebody especially good – though he ought to be. Don’t be upset with me; I did not place you in either category – you chose it. Furthermore my worldview is mine and you can hold whatever worldview you chose.

I disagree with Mahatma Gandhi who is quoted as saying, “I am first an Indian and then a Hindu.” No doubt in him the two fused and he cannot be understood apart from this fusion. I consider myself first a Christian and my faith and the tenets of that faith will influence the citizenship I hold be it German, Canadian or Indian. As with the Mahatma I cannot be understood apart from my belief.

Furthermore we cannot grow above that which we worship. The Romans worshiped Mars, the god of war and Bacchus the god of wine and partying. No doubt he was one of Rome’s most favorite gods. As a result the Roman society was created in the image of its beliefs; of its gods.

I am not saying that all the “Saints” are good and all the “Aints” are bad: far it from me. That some of the “Saints” are bad just shows that God can get along better with some people than you or I can. If you want prove of that live in a Christian colony or in a compound with other missionaries; I frequently exclaim, “Oh what a day it will be when we meet with the Saints there in glory; but to live here below with the ones we know – that is another story.”

To further illustrate my point; some of the kids of our neighbors were definitely better than my father’s kids – of which I am one; the point is they were not my father’s kids and so were excluded from sharing the joys and sorrows of the family Juelich which included sharing in a meal of potato peels after WW II – we had the potatoes the day before.

Follow my post – I am actually a nice guy


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