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To continue from my last blog which actually is my first blog … I want to introduce my books.

My autobiography, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Mad – the life of a living Epistle with a few pages missing” and The “Letters to the Saints and Aints” an Anthology consisting of more than a 100 letters written over the past 40 years.

The e-book format of the autobiography was published in April by; the paperback copy came out in May 2012. It was also published by

The “Letters to the Saints and Aints” also became available on in May 2012. It is a companion book to the autobiography filling in some gaps left in the autobiography. The layout is attractive and makes reading fun.

I had been working on the autobiography since 2007; I finally completed it in June 2011 when circumstances brought me to Bangkok Thailand for one month rest, and finding myself totally alone, that I finally completed the manuscript encouraged by my editor, Sue Carlisle and my friend Dr. Roger Stronstad.

The “Letters to the Saints and Aints” was except for the layout easy as I did not edit them but left them the way I wrote them over the years. After all you don’t edit your grandmother’s letters to make them more appealing and readable. The layout is attractive to ensure reading pleasure.

The autobiography received raving reviews. (To blow your own horn is my hygienic). Below are two worth reading.

“The narrative almost reads like a novel with literary flavor and humor. If literature is a reflection of life in language that is beautiful, here is one such piece. The only difference is when most literature is imaginary this is real. It is not just interesting but very inspiring.”

George Arackal, Retired Professor, St. Francis DeSales College, Nagpur, India

“If laughter is proverbially like good medicine, these memoirs are an antidote to any false perceptions that to follow God is boring and humorless.  Much less is it the easy choice.  Frank Juelich’s epic journey into India and into the lives of hundreds of children is one that chronicles the hardships, the obedience, the possibilities and ultimately the profound satisfaction that what the Spirit of God inspires in the heart of a man, God is abundantly able to complete.  And when the pen rests, God too smiles!”

Kelvin Honsinger, Director of International Programs – ERDO

So, pick up a copy from either or from Errol and Myrna DeSouza,

Phone: 1 604-859-8083

You will enjoy the read.


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