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Nagpur, Central India – it is hot; 45° Celsius – with the promise of hot weather ahead. Writing my first blog – ever – under these conditions is a daunting enterprise. But being German by birth (Canadian by nationality) presupposes me to stubbornness; at one time I was called a square-head which stipulated four aspirins for a headache – one for each corner … Of course, like many Germans abroad I also have been called a Kraut; never having been a hippy I escaped being called a flowerkraut. Though I am away from Germany since May 1958 I still have this wonderful German accent which, by the way, only is a German accent in Canada – in Germany everybody speaks that way. While attending Bible College in British Columbia, Canada, my English teacher groaned, “He even writes with a German accent.” Why burden you with all this? Well one lady who gave a review about my autobiography, wrote: “Your grammar is different.” So, when you come across some of that different grammar and exotic spellings you know why.

My blog is sort of a kitchen sink affair where I share my experiences, gripes, opinion and advertise my two books; my autobiography and an Anthology of some 100+ letters writte over the past 40 years while in India.

Follow my blog; it will not be boring

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